My wife and I have been birding for a short time.  We mostly stay in the Champlain Valley.  Our first experience with birding was in the Republic of Panama during July of 2001.  We've made a few trips to other places since then.  We've gone to the Canadian Maritime Provinces and North Carolina.   Birding in Vermont is a great experience every time we go out.  We have met  the nicest people while looking for birds.

Our Vermont bird sightings

My bird photo out takes...

The equipment we use

Pictures from DCWMA fall '02

Vacation in Canada July 2003

Panama Vacation July 2007

Pictures from DCWMA fall '07

Vermont resources on the web

Archives of Vermont Bird List postings

Lake Champlain Birding Trail

State Audubon Chapters

Vermont Birder
Vermont Birding Pal

Vermont Bird Tours

Vermont Institute of Natural Science

Vermont Bird Records Committee

Vermont Wildlife Management Area Maps
     * The above link has some good maps, I  grew up and
spend many hours in the Little Otter Creek WMA.  Some
exceptional birding is available in that area.  Most of the
birding spots that we frequent are in the Essex District.  We also go to the local state parks,  Mt Philo is our favorite.

Places for birdwatching in Panama

Canopy Tower

Gamboa Resort

Grand Avalon

VT Backyard Birding
* Knowing where to go in Vermont is half the battle.  A book written by Ted Murin and Brian Pfeiffer has done a great job of laying out what is most likely to be seen at what spots and what time of the year to go looking there.  It includes very explicit driving directions... something that's hard to come by!  I would highly recommend anyone planning a trip in Vermont for birding spend the few dollars and reap the rewards of their work.

Birdwatching in Vermont


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